Automated Demolition
Jetframe 101 Nalta – Efficient and portable.

Nalta allows selective concrete removal in narrow confined areas and is specifically designed to operate where space is limited, such as between a building or scaffolding.

Nalta can operate on horizontal, vertical and angled surfaces, including ceilings and underneath bridge decks. It can operate on flat as well as curved surfaces with a radius as small as 400mm.

The Nalta is mainly used for the hydrodemolition of concrete, but is also suitable for other applications, such as surface preparation and descaling of steel.

Advantages compared to handlances:

  • Operation is done from a safe distance
  • Increased production rate
  • No rest needed between sessions
  • Works with higher reaction forces
  • Operates underwater


Kelly’s Australia is experienced in the provision of a range of water jetting services including:

Surface preparation - Removal of coatings - Concrete demolition - Automated flex lance tube cleaning - Tank & vessel cleaning - Pipe de-scaling & cleaning - Line marking removal - Drain cleaning - CCTV pipeline inspection - Underwater inspections

Our experience spans a diverse array of industries including:

Construction - Shipping - Defence - Agriculture - Mining


Water jet technology has been used for decades and today, due to environmental and economic issues it is an important tool with many applications.
Drain cleaning
Kelly’s Australia offer cleaning and inspection services for sewerage, stormwater and industrial pipelines; using the latest techniques and up to date technology.
CCTV inspections
Kelly’s Australia use the very latest technology to provide detailed inspections of a drain or pipe system below ground or above ground in areas not readily accessible.
Utilising the effects of erosion rather than compressive impact to remove concrete, the water jet removes only the concrete that it is in direct contact with.
Some of the customers we work closely with include:


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