FlexiLance Tube Cleaning
Essential to maintaining and cleaning heat exchangers to keep them at optimum efficiency.

To keep heat exchanger systems operating at peak efficiency, petrochemical and refining facilities must clean their tubes thoroughly and regularly to keep them clear of process-related deposits. Such deposits can drastically limit the system’s ability to transfer heat, driving operating costs substantially higher.

Our automated system for cleaning tubes at Ultra High Pressure is a superior method for removing extremely hard product build-up from heat transfer tubes. Utilising innovative cleaning attachments and safety backout preventers ensures safe operator positioning and maximum cleaning efficiency.

In addition to increasing productivity, the automated water jet systems improve the quality and consistency of the cleaning process. The system allows tubes to be cleaned both on the inward and outward passes, so more material is removed in less time. It also allows the operator to set the feed rate so that each tube will be cleaned in an even, repeatable manner.

Equipment design ensures the exposure of operating personnel to debris and high-pressure water is greatly reduced. The system will also clean bundle tubes horizontally at the same efficient rate.


Kelly’s Australia is experienced in the provision of a range of water jetting services including:

Surface preparation - Removal of coatings - Concrete demolition - Automated flex lance tube cleaning - Tank & vessel cleaning - Pipe de-scaling & cleaning - Line marking removal - Drain cleaning - CCTV pipeline inspection - Underwater inspections

Our experience spans a diverse array of industries including:

Construction - Shipping - Defence - Agriculture - Mining


Water jet technology has been used for decades and today, due to environmental and economic issues it is an important tool with many applications.
Drain cleaning
Kelly’s Australia offer cleaning and inspection services for sewerage, stormwater and industrial pipelines; using the latest techniques and up to date technology.
CCTV inspections
Kelly’s Australia use the very latest technology to provide detailed inspections of a drain or pipe system below ground or above ground in areas not readily accessible.
Utilising the effects of erosion rather than compressive impact to remove concrete, the water jet removes only the concrete that it is in direct contact with.
Some of the customers we work closely with include:


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