Hydrodemolition Services
Whether it’s scabbling, cutting, selective or full concrete removal – Kelly’s can do it all.

Scabbling is a technique used to roughen up surfaces or reduce concrete levels by removing a thin layer from the top. Water jet scabbling is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective method for removing the surface of concrete to create a surface profile. Scabbling can be used to prepare areas for repair, create more grip by roughing up surfaces, decorative effects and much more.

Cutting: With the right combination of pressure and volume, plus the expertise of experienced operators, Kelly’s are able to make precision cuts in concrete in areas where other methods are not viable. Dam walls, expansion joints and inside pipes are just a few examples of where this service has been performed.

Demolition: Hydrodemolition is used to remove areas of loose, deteriorated and damaged concrete from structures such as wharfs, bridges and chimneys. Hydrodemolition offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Vibration free – no microfractures
  • Produces excellent bonding surface for repair material
  • Removes contaminants such as chlorides
  • Removes corrosion from reinforcing without damage
  • Increase production rate
  • Enhanced safety – remote operation available


Kelly’s Australia is experienced in the provision of a range of water jetting services including:

Surface preparation - Removal of coatings - Concrete demolition - Automated flex lance tube cleaning - Tank & vessel cleaning - Pipe de-scaling & cleaning - Line marking removal - Drain cleaning - CCTV pipeline inspection - Underwater inspections

Our experience spans a diverse array of industries including:

Construction - Shipping - Defence - Agriculture - Mining


Water jet technology has been used for decades and today, due to environmental and economic issues it is an important tool with many applications.
Drain cleaning
Kelly’s Australia offer cleaning and inspection services for sewerage, stormwater and industrial pipelines; using the latest techniques and up to date technology.
CCTV inspections
Kelly’s Australia use the very latest technology to provide detailed inspections of a drain or pipe system below ground or above ground in areas not readily accessible.
Utilising the effects of erosion rather than compressive impact to remove concrete, the water jet removes only the concrete that it is in direct contact with.
Some of the customers we work closely with include:


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